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Frequently Asked Questions


Are flight reservations required for visa applications?

Yes, flight reservations are required for most popular tourist visas, such as the Schengen visa. Please check the relevant embassy's website to verify this information. Please note: These are flight reservations, not actual tickets. Travelers will have to buy airline tickets separately - preferably once the visa application has been approved - as is recommended by embassies and consulates. Also note: Please refer to the embassy's website to see whether you even require a visa.

Are the flight reservations you provide real and verifiable?

Yes. Each booking comes with an Airline Reservation Code (also know as PNR), and is created by a registered travel agent. You can verify your flight reservation through the airline's website. Some airlines systems do not display external bookings made with GDS. In such cases, you can use verification sites such as Travelport ViewTrip.

If I don't want to use your service, what are my options?

You can buy an actual ticket for your visa application. However, if the flight is nonrefundable, it's a risk in case your visa application is denied. We make this process easier for our customers by providing flight reservations for a low fee.

Do I need to cancel the flight reservation once my visa is approved? Are there any cancellation charges?

No, you do not need to worry about cancelling the reservation. We will not charge you any cancellation fees.

I forgot to add hotel reservations to my order. Can I do that now?

If your order hasn't been delivered yet, we can cancel it, so you can place a new order with hotel reservations. If your flight reservation has already been delivered, then we would not be able to add hotel reservations to the same order.

What is the validity of flight reservations?

Reservations are a temporary hold, and can only be allowed for a limited time by airlines, as preference is given to final sales. The period of validity can vary depending on airline policy, proximity to departure, and flight capacity among other factors. It is fairly common for a reservation to expire during visa processing. We recommend getting a reservation made close to submission, not more than 1-2 days in advance. Read more

How long will it take to get my reservation?

We can deliver our customers' reservations within 24 hours of order placement. If the order is delayed for any reason, we will do our best to make amends. You can choose to receive your order within 24 hours or on a later date. Your order will be in your inbox on the date of your choosing.

Can I see a sample reservation?

Of course. You can visit our homepage for all sample reservations.

Why can't you sell reservations to residents of California, Hawaii, Florida and Iowa?

Some states have seller of travel laws that require agencies to follow registration procedures with their state. We are working on fulfilling those conditions with each state. Please use the Contact Us page for any questions or feedback.

Do you store my credit card information? Is payment processing secure?

We do not store any information other than your flight reservation details. All payments are processed through renowned payment gateways like and PayPal.

I want to place my order now, but would like to receive the reservation on a later date. Is that possible?

Sure, you can do that. You will see the option to pick a later date on our booking form along with a preferred date of delivery. Your order will be in your inbox on the date of your choosing.

What is your refund policy?

We accept cancelations and provide full refunds BEFORE an order has been delivered. After order delivery, we cannot accept any cancelations or provide refunds.

Why do I get redirected to another website when i click the insurance link?

Booking For Visa is now registered as a licensed insurance agent. We have partnered up with Insubuy® to provide our customers a variety of insurance products including travel insurance and much more. Please visit for all insurance product offerings.

How much does travel insurance cost?

It varies on several factors, such as the number of days, number of people, and destination. Please click this link to customize your plan and get a quote instantly.

Can I make corrections to my reservation?

We provide ONE free correction per order. Changes allowed: 1. Date 2. Destination 3. Spellings 4. Itinerary renewal due to changes in submission date - once per order Changes not allowed: 1. New passenger name 2. Addtional flight legs above package allowance 3. Multiple itinerary renewals. Since the validity of reservations is limited, we recommend getting one made close to submission. Renewing a reservation due to differences in submission date will count as one change.

What is the validity of hotel reservations?

Hotel reservations will be kept valid for 2 to 3 weeks from the date of booking. If check-in time is closer than that, then they will be cancelled a few days before check-in date.

How do I add hotel reservation to my order?

We provide hotel reservations as an add-on to flight reservations for an additional $10. On the booking form, select "Add Hotel Reservation" from the Additional Services drop-down menu. You will be able to add up to 4 cities.