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The Best Way to Pack for a Trip

Travel packs, also known as travel backpacks, are the ultimate way to simplify packing and luggage handling on your trips. All good travel packs boast organized compartments, padded shoulder and waist straps, and carry-on sizing to offer a minimal-hassle travel experience.

Biggest benefits of using travel packs

  • Imagine lugging around a rolling suitcase while navigating through crowded, cobblestoned streets. Travel packs eliminate the need to drag along an item and offer hands-free convenience.

  • Limited space motivates you to take only what you need.

  • Travel packs stay on your back at all times, so you don’t have to worry about watching over luggage every time you need to stop.

Things to look for in a good buy

1. Organized compartments

Most travel packs offer separate compartments which can come in quite handy when traveling. There is a main compartment for clothing and other larger items. To further simplify packing, consider using packing cubes to help you organize (and even compress) items by clothing type in separates units. Many travel packs come with padded compartments for laptops as well as sections to stow away other smaller items, such as stationery, makeup essentials, water bottles, travel documents, etc.

2. Padded, adjustable straps:

Travel packs are designed to evenly distribute weight between shoulders and hips making them easier to lug around even for hours. The straps are padded for added comfort, and can easily be adjusted even while you are wearing the backpack.

3. Ease of lugging around:

Make sure the travel pack fits carry-on sizing restriction, so you can easily take it along on planes, especially if you’re not a fan of checking in luggage. Cinch straps help compress luggage, while handling straps on the top and sides make it easier to haul the packs onto overhead bins in planes, trains, and buses.

4. Weatherproofing:

You never know when it may start raining. Most good travel packs are made of waterproof materials, and feature tabs that cover zippers so the moisture doesn’t seep inside.

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