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How long will my flight reservation hold?

We get asked more often than we can count, "how long will my flight reservation remain valid?" The short answer is: it depends. If you wish to know more, let us shed some light on the subject.

What do you mean by a flight reservation?

A flight reservation in this case is just a temporary hold on a flight and not an actual ticket that customers can use for travel. Most embassies recommend that you only reserve flights and not buy air tickets for visa processing. These reservations provide them with the applicants' intended dates of travel.

How do I verify if a flight reservation is real?

A genuine flight reservation should come with a valid six-digit airline reservation code that can be used to verify the booking through the airline's website, usually under a "Manage Bookings" tab, or by calling them.

Why do flight reservations not have a confirmed expiration date?

Airlines may choose to release a reservation at any time without giving prior notice to the customer or travel agency. Some reservations may hold only for a few hours while others can last for days or even weeks.